Discover UWA’s best ideas at Research Week

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Discover UWA’s best ideas at Research Week

Professor Boris Baer

Find out how sleep disorders are related to the shape of your face, whether plant biology and advances in genomics could alleviate the growing global food crisis, and what our homes and communities will look like when living to over 100 is the norm.

These are just some of the topics as part of The University of Western Australia’s Research Week starting next Monday 7 September.

UWA Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Professor Robyn Owens said Research Week would feature more than 40 events designed to showcase the best of UWA’s research and researchers.

“Research Week provides the University with an opportunity to showcase its research and its considerable contribution to local and global communities, as well as providing useful information sessions for researchers at all stages of their careers,” Professor Owens said.

Highlights include the Three-Minute Thesis semi-finals and finals, where young UWA postgraduate students will battle it out to determine who can best present their thesis in three minutes.

The Incredible Inner Space Exhibition at the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility is a remarkable collection of inner space images and laser-etched crystal structures which has travelled Australia.

Learn about the importance of honeybees and what’s wiping them out in huge numbers across the globe in Molecules of Love and Warfare, a public lecture by UWA’s Professor Boris Baer or enjoy In a State of Flux, a music ensemble exploring the edge between noise and music, and activity and performance.

“Research week is UWA’s celebration of all that we do on campus and it’s a great opportunity for people to come and see the sorts of problems that we’re working on, the connections that we have with international researchers and to learn about the cutting-edge facilities we have at the University,” Professor Owens said.

Members of the community, researchers and industry representatives are welcome to attend free public lectures and events on campus throughout the week which ends on 11 September. For more details and to register visit the Research Week webpage.


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