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Doctor Phillip E. Melton - Senior Lecturer

I am a statistical geneticist who applies multivariate methods in order to better understand biological, cultural, and environmental factors that contribute to complex disease. The genetic analysis of common chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. is an important area of biomedical research. Understanding underlying biological differences between populations has significant implications in regards to understanding aetiology of these diseases. As a genetic epidemiologist my current and future research interests can be grouped into three categories: 1) cardiovascular genetics; 2) statistical genetics; and, 3) genetic history. My current research seeks to characterize and identify polymorphic genes that contribute to the susceptibility of cardiovascular disease (CVD) using large families from the United States and Australia.

This research utilizes longitudinal data on complex risk factors, transcriptomics, epigenetics, and next-generation sequencing data obtained from large family studies for both these communities. I believe it is vital to maintain an interdisciplinary approach to biomedical research in the genomic era; information regarding genetic diversity in human populations is increasingly important for all levels of society. One of the most important aspects of this new genomic information is the education of future professionals on how to interpret these data for the betterment of human health.

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