Publications 2013

Journal articles

  • Berndt, S. I., S. Gustafsson, R. Magi, …, G. Cadby, …, K. E. North, R. J. Loos and E. Ingelsson (2013). “Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 11 new loci for anthropometric traits and provides insights into genetic architecture.” Nat Genet 45(5): 501-512. [pubmed]
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  • Jones, R. M., G. Cadby, P. E. Melton, L. J. Abraham, A. J. Whitehouse and E. K. Moses (2013). “Genome-wide association study of autistic-like traits in a general population study of young adults.” Front Hum Neurosci 7: 658. [pubmed]
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  • Lian, I. A., M. Langaas, E. Moses and A. Johansson (2013). “Differential gene expression at the maternal-fetal interface in preeclampsia is influenced by gestational age.” PLoS One 8(7): e69848. [pubmed]
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  • Melton, P. E., N. F. Baldi, R. Barrantes and M. H. Crawford (2013). “Microevolution, migration, and the population structure of five Amerindian populations from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.” Am J Hum Biol 25(4): 480-490. [link]
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  • Rubicz, R., R. Yolken, E. Drigalenko, M. A. Carless, T. D. Dyer, L. Bauman, P. E. Melton, J. W. Kent, Jr., J. B. Harley, J. E. Curran, M. P. Johnson, S. A. Cole, L. Almasy, E. K. Moses, N. V. Dhurandhar, E. Kraig, J. Blangero, C. T. Leach and H. H. Goring (2013). “A genome-wide integrative genomic study localizes genetic factors influencing antibodies against Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA-1).” PLoS Genet 9(1): e1003147. [pubmed]
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Published abstracts

  • Løset, M., M. P. Johnson, P. E. Melton, W. Ang, J. Marsh, R.-C. Huang, T. Mori, L. Beilin, C. Pennell, L. T. Roten, A.-C. Iversen, R. Austgulen, C. E. East, J. Blangero, S. P. Brennecke and E. K. Moses (2013). OP004. A SNP associated with susceptibility to preeclampsia near the inhibin, beta B gene, is also associated with cardiovascular disease risk traits. Pregnancy Hypertens. 3: 63.
  • Roten, L. T., M. P. Johnson, L. C. Thompsen, A. S. Gundersen, P. Solberg, K. Tollaksen, I. Lyslo, C. Tappert, M. L. Odland, K. M. Strand, M. H. Fenstad, F. Drablos, F. Skorpen, E. K. Moses, R. Austgulen and L. Bjorge (2013). OP006. A preeclampsia genome-wide linkage scan in norwegian families. Pregnancy Hypertens. 3: 64.
  • Ward, S., L. Palmer, J. Cole, F. Wood and J. Heyworth (2013). Validation of self-reported melanoma diagnosis history. Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research. 26: 1013.
  • Ward, S., L. Palmer, J. M. Cole, F. Wood and J. Heyworth (2013). Validation of self-reported melanoma diagnosis history. Society for Melanoma Research 2013 Congress, Wiley-Blackwell. 26: 932-1019.


  • Simpson, L. (2013). Investigating the contribution of genes, fat distribution, and physical inactibity in obstructive sleep apnoea. Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia. [link]
  • Ward, S. (2013). The genetic epidemiology of melanoma in Western Australia: the Western Australian melanoma health study, familial aggregation of melanoma and scar outcome post-melanoma excision. Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia. [link]