Publications 2016

Book sections

  • Berwick, M., D. B. B. Buller, A. Cust, R. Gallagher, T. K. K. Lee, F. Meyskens, S. Pandey, N. E. E. Thomas, M. B. B. Veierod and S. Ward (2016). Melanoma Epidemiology and Prevention. Melanoma, Springer International Publishing. 167: 17-49. [link]

Journal articles

  • Annamalay, A. A., M. Lanaspa, S.-K. Khoo, L. Madrid, S. Acácio, Zhang, I. A. Laing, J. Gern, J. Goldblatt, J. Bizzintino, D. Lehmann, P. N. Le Souëf and Q. Bassat (2016). “Rhinovirus species and clinical features in children hospitalised with pneumonia from Mozambique.” Tropical Medicine & International Health 21(9): 1171-1180. [pubmed]
  • Beaty, K. G., M. J. Mosher, M. H. Crawford and P. Melton (2016). “Paternal Genetic Structure in Contemporary Mennonite Communities from the American Midwest.” Hum Biol 88(2): 95-108. [pubmed]
  • Blangero, J., T. M. Teslovich, X. Sim, M. A. Almeida, G. Jun, T. D. Dyer, M. Johnson, J. M. Peralta, A. Manning, A. R. Wood, C. Fuchsberger, J. W. Kent, Jr., D. A. Aguilar, J. E. Below, V. S. Farook, R. Arya, S. Fowler, T. W. Blackwell, S. Puppala, S. Kumar, D. C. Glahn, E. K. Moses, J. E. Curran, F. Thameem, C. P. Jenkinson, R. A. DeFronzo, D. M. Lehman, C. Hanis, G. Abecasis, M. Boehnke, H. Goring, R. Duggirala, L. Almasy and T. D. G. Consortium (2016). “Omics-squared: human genomic, transcriptomic and phenotypic data for genetic analysis workshop 19.” BMC Proc 10(Suppl 7): 71-77. [pubmed]
  • Burton, A., G. Byrnes, J. Stone, R. M. Tamimi, J. Heine, C. Vachon, V. Ozmen, A. Pereira, M. L. Garmendia, C. Scott, J. H. Hipwell, C. Dickens, J. Schuz, M. E. Aribal, K. Bertrand, A. Kwong, G. G. Giles, J. Hopper, B. Perez Gomez, M. Pollan, S. H. Teo, S. Mariapun, N. A. Taib, M. Lajous, R. Lopez-Riduara, M. Rice, I. Romieu, A. A. Flugelman, G. Ursin, S. Qureshi, H. Ma, E. Lee, R. Sirous, M. Sirous, J. W. Lee, J. Kim, D. Salem, R. Kamal, M. Hartman, H. Miao, K. S. Chia, C. Nagata, S. Vinayak, R. Ndumia, C. H. van Gils, J. O. Wanders, B. Peplonska, A. Bukowska, S. Allen, S. Vinnicombe, S. Moss, A. M. Chiarelli, L. Linton, G. Maskarinec, M. J. Yaffe, N. F. Boyd, I. Dos-Santos-Silva and V. A. McCormack (2016). “Mammographic density assessed on paired raw and processed digital images and on paired screen-film and digital images across three mammography systems.” Breast Cancer Res 18(1): 130. [link]
  • Chittoor, G., J. W. Kent, Jr., M. Almeida, S. Puppala, V. S. Farook, S. A. Cole, K. Haack, H. H. Goring, J. W. MacCluer, J. E. Curran, M. A. Carless, M. P. Johnson, E. K. Moses, L. Almasy, M. C. Mahaney, D. M. Lehman, R. Duggirala, A. G. Comuzzie, J. Blangero and V. S. Voruganti (2016). “GWAS and transcriptional analysis prioritize ITPR1 and CNTN4 for a serum uric acid 3p26 QTL in Mexican Americans.” BMC Genomics 17(1): 276. [link]
  • Chiu, Y. F., A. E. Justice and P. E. Melton (2016). “Longitudinal analytical approaches to genetic data.” BMC Genet 17 Suppl 2: 4. [link]
  • Dunning, A. M., K. Michailidou, K. B. Kuchenbaecker, …, J. Stone, …, A. C. Antoniou, D. F. Easton and S. L. Edwards (2016). “Breast cancer risk variants at 6q25 display different phenotype associations and regulate ESR1, RMND1 and CCDC170.” Nat Genet 48(4): 374-386. [pubmed]
  • Engelman, C. D., C. M. Greenwood, J. N. Bailey, R. M. Cantor, J. W. Kent, Jr., I. R. Konig, J. L. Bermejo, P. E. Melton, S. A. Santorico, A. Schillert, E. M. Wijsman, J. W. MacCluer and L. Almasy (2016). “Genetic Analysis Workshop 19: methods and strategies for analyzing human sequence and gene expression data in extended families and unrelated individuals.” BMC Proc 10(Suppl 7): 67-70. [pubmed]
  • Haustead, D. J., A. Stevenson, V. Saxena, F. Marriage, M. Firth, R. Silla, L. Martin, K. F. Adcroft, S. Rea, P. J. Day, P. Melton, F. M. Wood and M. W. Fear (2016). “Transcriptome analysis of human ageing in male skin shows mid-life period of variability and central role of NF-kappaB.” Sci Rep 6: 26846. [pubmed]
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  • Krishnan, K., L. Baglietto, C. Apicella, J. Stone, M. C. Southey, D. R. English, G. G. Giles and J. L. Hopper (2016). “Mammographic density and risk of breast cancer by mode of detection and tumor size: a case-control study.” Breast Cancer Res 18(1): 63. [link]
  • McCarthy, N. S., S. M. Allan, D. Chandler, A. Jablensky and B. Morar (2016). “Integrity of genome-wide genotype data from low passage lymphoblastoid cell lines.” Genom Data 9: 18-21. [pubmed]
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  • Pickering, J. L., A. Prosser, K. J. Corscadden, C. de Gier, P. C. Richmond, G. Zhang, R. B. Thornton and L.-A. S. Kirkham (2016). “Haemophilus haemolyticus Interaction with Host Cells Is Different to Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae and Prevents NTHi Association with Epithelial Cells.” Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 6: 50. [link]
  • Ried, J. S., M. J. Jeff, A. Y. Chu, …, G. Cadby, …, J. N. Hirschhorn, M. Muller-Nurasyid and R. J. Loos (2016). “A principal component meta-analysis on multiple anthropometric traits identifies novel loci for body shape.” Nat Commun 7: 13357. [pubmed]
  • Zhang, G., K. Wang, E. Schultz, S.-K. Khoo, X. Zhang, A. Annamalay, I. A. Laing, B. J. Hales, J. Goldblatt and P. N. Le Souëf (2016). “Western environment/lifestyle is associated with increased genome methylation and decreased gene expression in Chinese immigrants living in Australia.” Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 57(1): 65-73. [link]

Published abstracts

  • Cadby, G., P. Melton, N. McCarthy, J. Hui, J. Beilby, A. W. Musk, A. L. James, J. Hung, J. Blangero and E. K. Moses (2016). Genetic Correlation of Lung Function with Anthropometric Measures in the Busselton Health Study. Genetic Epidemiology. 40: 625-626.
  • Jones, R. M., P. E. Melton, A. Rea, E. Ingley, M. L. Ballinger, D. J. Wood, D. M. Thomas and E. K. Moses (2016). Whole Exome Sequencing in Multigenerational Mixed Cancer Families Identifies a Putative Risk Variant in the PDIA2 Gene. Genetic Epidemiology. 40: 644.


  • Alghamdi, M. A. S. (2016). Investigation of the role of epigenetic modification in keloid scar pathology. Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia. [link]
  • Stevenson, A. W. (2016). Investigating the role of epigenetics in scar maintenance. Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia. [link]
  • Ward, K. L. (2016). Effective assessment of accident risk in obstructive sleep apnoea. Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia. [link]