Publications 2018


A selection of our publications from 2018:

  • Bridgeman, S. C., G. C. Ellison, P. E. Melton, P. Newsholme and C. D. S. Mamotte (2018). “Epigenetic effects of metformin: From molecular mechanisms to clinical implications.” Diabetes Obes Metab: in press.
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  • Chambers, N. A., A. Ramgolam, D. Sommerfield, G. Zhang, T. Ledowski, M. Thurm, M. Lethbridge, M. Hegarty and B. S. von Ungern-Sternberg (2018). “Cuffed vs. uncuffed tracheal tubes in children: a randomised controlled trial comparing leak, tidal volume and complications.” Anaesthesia 73(2): 160-168. [pubmed]
  • Chiha, W., C. J. LeVaillant, C. A. Bartlett, A. W. Hewitt, P. E. Melton, M. Fitzgerald and A. R. Harvey (2018). “Retinal genes are differentially expressed in areas of primary versus secondary degeneration following partial optic nerve injury.” PLOS ONE 13(2): e0192348. [pubmed]
  • Clifford, H. D., C. M. Hayden, S. K. Khoo, D. Naniche, I. M. Mandomando, G. Zhang, P. Richmond and P. N. Le Souef (2017). “Genetic Variants in the IL-4/IL-13 Pathway Influence Measles Vaccine Responses and Vaccine Failure in Children from Mozambique.” Viral Immunol 30(7): 472-478. [pubmed]
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  • Glahn, D., V. Nimgaonkar, H. Raventós, J. Contreras, A. McIntosh, A. Jablensky, N. McCarthy, N. Blackburn, J. Peralta, S. Ament, F. McMahon, M. Bucan, J. Curran, L. Almasy, R. Gur and J. Blangero (2018). “Rediscovering the Value of Families for Psychiatric Genetics Research.” Mol Psychiatry: in press.
  • Hugo, H. J., A. Zysk, P. Dasari, K. Britt, J. L. Hopper, J. Stone, E. W. Thompson and W. V. Ingman (2018). “InforMD: a new initiative to raise public awareness about breast density.” ecancermedicalscience 12: 807. [pubmed]
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  • Laurence, C., L. van der Merwe, G. Zhang, P. Le Souef and M. Levin (2018). “Association between pro-inflammatory alleles and allergic phenotypes in Xhosa adolescents.” Pediatr Allergy Immunol: in press.
  • Li, S., E. Wong, M. Bui, T. Nguyen, J. Joo, J. Stone, G. Dite, G. Giles, R. Saffery, M. Southey and J. Hopper (2018). “Causal effect of smoking on DNA methylation in peripheral blood: a twin and family study.” Clinical Epigenetics: in press.
  • Li, S., E. Wong, M. Bui, T. Nguyen, J. Joo, J. Stone, G. Dite, P.-A. Dugue, R. Milne, G. Giles, R. Saffery, M. Southey and J. Hopper (2018). “Inference about causation between body mass index and DNA methylation in blood from a twin family study.” International Journal of Obesity: in press.
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  • Song, Y., H. Higgins, J. Guo, K. Harrison, E. N. Schultz, B. Hales, E. Moses, J. Goldblatt, N. Pachter and G. Zhang (2018). “Clinical significance of circulating microRNAs as markers in detecting and predicting congenital heart defects in children.” Journal of Translational Medicine 16(42): in press. [publink]
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  • Wu, L., W. Shi,, J. Long, … J. Stone, … , G. Chenevix-Trench, W. Zheng (2018). “Identification of novel susceptibility loci and genes for breast cancer risk: A transcriptome-wide association study of 229,000 women of European descent.” Nature Genetics: in press.
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